Verse Hair Tools


The Latest in Hair Styling

Since 2007, we have been devoted to making women’s hair shinier, softer, and easier to style. As the latest in hair styling, Verse hair tools allow you to style your hair comfortably and without the fuss of outdated styling equipment.


Our Infrared Technology

We believe that you should not have to trade off professional results for dry, damaged hair. So, we developed a professional hair straightener and wand that heat up with infrared heat. Infrared heat locks moisture into every strand, which in turn helps prevent frizz, dryness, and dead ends.


See For Yourself

Chances are, you have heard about our exceptional designs. After all, our nationwide product demonstrations allow us to bring these tools to you so you can see firsthand how the Verse hair straightener and Verse curling wand will give your hair exceptional manageability, beauty, and vibrancy. When you Verse Your Hair, people notice everywhere!